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You may have read all the rave reviews about how going digital is going to be the best decision for your clinic and you may be thinking about purchasing your first 3D dental scanner. But do you know what you’re actually signing up for? Here are five things you should note before making the switch.

1. Check for hidden costs!

It may be tempting to base your purchasing decision on the cost of the scanner alone but do you know the actual cost of operating the scanner? For example, some companies may require you to pay annual subscription fees which add to the total cost of using their scanners, especially over a long period of time. This is especially if the cost of entry is high to begin with. So we suggest having a budget in mind and comparing scanners within your budget – taking into consideration all costs (hidden or explicit) – in order to make an informed decision.

2. Think long-term.

Your 3D dental scanner should serve you for a long time so you’ll want to purchase one which will be able to perform tasks not just for your current work but your future work. Think about the future of your clinic or lab and decide on a scanner which will be able to either be upgraded in future (with add-ons, for example) to serve those needs or which can already perform those tasks.

3. Do your own comparison.

While you should definitely ask around for recommendations, remember that you are getting a scanner to suit your own needs. A scanner which works well for someone else may not be the most suitable one for you if you specialize in a different field. Get recommendations to better understand which scanners seem to work best for certain tasks and narrow down your choices. You might also want to check out our tips on choosing the right scanner for your own needs here.

4. Try it before you buy it.

Where possible, you should always try a scanner before buying one. You can attend exhibitions or request for a live demo if the company offers that. After all, your scanner is a long-term investment so you’ll want to purchase something which you are comfortable with.

5. Be prepared for workflow changes.

Change is never easy. That’s why you need to be prepared to invest some time to change your workflow processes when going digital. While it may seem like a daunting task at first, it will be worth it. Just think about the time you’ll save in the long-term because of the increased productivity and efficiency!

Purchasing a 3D dental scanner is a huge investment so you’ll want to make sure you’ve considered all your options before deciding on your purchase. Remember that any device is only useful to you if it serves your needs. Avoid making a hasty decision to ensure your investment will truly pay off in the long-run.

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