169.40  excl. VAT

Universal removing pliers. Length 16 cm, angled. TC.

This universal pliers is ideally suitable for removing/extracting and introducing objects such as matrices, interdental wedges, cannulas and syringes, crowns, nerve broaches, root canal files, rotating instruments and much more.

The flattened jaw ends and integrated hard metal blades ensure objects to be held easily and securely.

The outwards curved limbs of the pliers are a particular advantage. They enable a good view of the pliers jaws and onto the area of use, thus making work easier.


Tungsten-carbide is incorporated into the blades which enables a precise and gentle incision, as well as a long lifespan. For easier identification, both handle rings are gold plated. Instruments in our F-line Design are marked by TC-symbol.

Producer: Devemed


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