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Dental sutures with needle – reverse cutting, 3/8 circle, 12 mm.

Type: Monofilament

Composition: Polyglecaprone 25, a copolymer made of 75% glycolide and 25% Є-caprolactone

Coating: None

Colour: Beige – undyed

Tissue reaction: Minimal

Absorption: The hydrolytic action by which the material is broken down results in total absorption in approximately 90 to 120 days. Approximately
60% of tensile strength remain after 7 days.

Presentation: Box with 12 sutures

High tensile strength Excellent tissue support. Synthetic Minimal tissue reaction. Breaks down by hydrolysis Predictable absorption rate. Monofilament with microscopic uniform diameter. Soft passage through the tissues without sawing,tissue drag and trauma. Absence of capillarity (no support of bacterial growth). Excellent knot tie down. Pliability and softness Good handling properties. Easy and secure knotting. Hermetically sealed packing Guaranteed seal and product sterility.

SMI surgical needles are manufactured from highest quality stainless steel grades for outstanding performance, combining high ductility and strong bending moment. Advanced silicon coating ensures smooth penetration and reduced tissue trauma. The shape of the needle body is designed in order to allow maximum stability in the
needle holder.

Producer: SMI / Belgium.

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operating dental sutures

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5/0, 6/0


45 cm, 75 cm

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