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Shelter is a cross linked bovine pericardium membrane.

Shelter features:

– unique slow-resorbing bovine pericardium (4-6 months);
– pericross: cross-linking production process
– barrier effect up to 6 months

SHELTER® SLOW is the first slow-resorbing bovine pericardium membrane pro- duced by an entirely Italian supply chain speci cally designed for bone surgery in dentistry.

As shown by studies in cardiac surgery, today the bovine pericardium with its higher percentage of collagen and a higher resistance compared to pig or horse products represents the gold standard.

To extend the resorption time of the pericardium Ubgen have developed Pericross® a brand new cross-linking production process.

For the customers it means getting a very long barrier effect to the connective cells, without the need of a non-resorbable PTFE membrane, avoiding the stress of a second surgery.

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Product Size

15x20mm, 30x25mm


0.2 mm, 0.4mm, 0.8mm

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