152.10  excl. VAT

Scalpel blade holder #3, 140mm.

With a universal 3D rotary head – there is a hole for a standard scalpel blade. F-line.
Dismantle for cleaning.

Usage: You loosen the screw, insert the blade, then tighten the screw, break off the blade with KLING-EX (art nr 1146-80) and the instrument is ready for use.


The SUPERLIGHT round handle has been developed by our engineers in consultation with our worldwide accredited experts. Its special grip profile and its sandblasted surface, gives the handle a unique look. The hollow handle enables more comfortable, ergonomic and lessimpact working. It has a diameter of 9 mm and very thin walls.

The sandblasted surface of the handle minimizes disturbing light reflections while working with magnifying glasses and microscopes. The finish also protects from the accumulation of deposits of dirt in the ridges and groones.

Producer: Devemed


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