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Basic Implantology Surgical Set by Dr. Horia Barbu.

Set includes:

1170-65F Operating micro-scissors “Gomel” 16cm, curved, fine serrated
1154-20 Surgical scissors “La Grande” SC, 15mm, S-curved
1155-60 Surgical scissors “Metzenbaum” 15mm, TC, curved
1086-60F Micro needle holder “Barraquer” 17,3cm, diomaond coating working tips 0,8mm, straight
2429-00 Basic suction tube 16,0cm
2429-15 Suction cannula tip Ø 2,5mm, 31,0mm
2429-65 Suction cannula tip Ø 2,5mm, 39,0mm
968-2 Retractors “Kocher” 21,5mm
2406-50 Mini-dental caliper 12,5cm, 0-100mm
2500-30F Applicator “Palti” 15cm, for bone grafting material
922-55F Sinus Lift Elevator #A6 “Lorean/Barbu”, 17,3cm, flexible/adaptable
922-56F Sinus Lift Elevator #A7 “Lorean/Barbu”, 17,3cm, flexible/adaptable
920-00F Bone Curettes 17,3cm, 1,8/1,8mm
1151-30F Scalpel handle #3 15,8cm, straight, for 1 blade
2302-56F Thumb and tissue forceps 1:2 17,3cm
2302-66F Autramatic tweezer, micro “Cooley” 17,3cm, 0,6 mm, straight, serrated
2302-76F Anatomical micro-forceps 17,3cm, dimaond coated, 0,6 mm, straight
888-P3SF Periosteal elevator 17,3cm
888-I1F Periosteal elevator 17,3cm
2385-00F Mouth mirror handle M2,5 13,2cm
998-21 Cheek retractor “Hilger”
2550-60 Mixing bowl for bone material 28mm, 25cc
9200-10 GPM Wash Tray (275 x 180 x 35 mm) with cover & handle

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Prof. Horia Barbu, DMD, MD, PhD, MSc, MSc Head, Oral Surgery and Implantology Department Dean
Faculty of Dental Medicine / Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Romania

Since 2007, Prof. Horia Barbu has traveled frequently in Israel enriching his knowledge and improving his techniques in implant surgery, beeing involved in clinical research in the field of guided bone regeneration, bone augmentation and sinus augmentation using various growth factors.
His PhD research was focused on endocrinology, implant surgery, os- teoporosis and osteonecrosis of the jaws.
His collaborative research efforts over the last years have resulted in nu- merous publications covering a wide range in the field of implantology and endocrinology on sinus augmentations, guided bone regeneration, inferior alveolar nerve repositioning, osteoporosis, immediate loading of dental implants.

Producer: Devemed


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