modelless workflow
guided implant surgery
co-operation between dental clinic and lab
modern concepts in implantology

The 2nd Interdisciplinary Conference of Biometric Dentistry will fulfil a doctor’s desire to learn implant dentistry with practical, clinical information and techniques.
Emphasis is placed on digital workflow, modern concepts and collaboration with your partner dental lab.

Conference Day 13.09.2019:

08:30-09:00 –   registration

09:00-09.15 –    welcoming words

09:15-10:15 –  Dr Jaroslaw Matuszak “Benefits of conical connection and SLA surface characteristics of dental implants”

The lecture is about the key features of choosing implants for successful implant placement. How to choose the right implant for your cases and why we focus on different implant features like connection and surface.

(Mierzyn, Poland, Lecture in English)

10.15-11.15 –    Dr Dimitris Exarchos “Complex implant cases from A to Z and extrteme mouth makeovers with  dental implants” 

We will discuss about the importance of the prosthetic guidness in implantology and the tools we have in our hands for a desirable outcome.

(Thessaloniki, Greece, Lecture in English)

11:15-11:45 –     coffee break

11:45-12:45 –   Dr Paul Mendez “GBR and Guided surgery in Practice” 

I will be presenting cases that involve Guided Bone Regeneration / GBR and Guided Surgery particularly with Filipino Patients.

(Bacolod, Philippines, Lecture in English)

12:45-13:30 – Dr Kertu Ollema “Multiple rooted periodontally compromised teeth – maintain or replace with implant?”

(Lecture in Estonian, simultaneous interpretation to English)

13:30-14:30 –   lunch

14:30-16:00 – Dr Timo Paberit “Digital Rally in modern Implant Dentistry – which way to go?”

Scanners and CAD/CAM complement each other to make restorations for patients without the needs of old traditional models.  I will talk about my experiences in integrating CAD/CAM solutions in my dental clinics and heading toward one-day dentistry to save time and increase the number of patients we can see. We’ll discuss how to choose you hard- and software and benefit from open systems for dental professionals to improve their workflow. And I will share some of my complex implant cases and outcomes.

(Lecture in Estonian, simultaneous interpretation to English on demand)

16:00-16.30 –    coffee break

16:30-17:30 –   LAB engineer Erkki Ernits “Digital workflow in Dental Lab – key points and how to make the most of it”

We will give an overview of our 5 years experience in setting up a complete digital lab workflow – computer guided treatment planning, 3D printing and milling. What are the most common bottlenecks and how to solve everyday challenges.

(Lecture in Estonian, simultaneous interpretation to English on demand)

17:30-18:00 –   Q&A, Final words

From 18:00 –   CHILL with drinks and snacks!

Live Courses 14.09.2019:

Scanning with MEDIT intraoral scanner – best scanning techniques and tips on live patient.

The APG® Technique for Blood Separation. The APG® platelet precipi- tate, depending on the surgical use, it can be used in liquid form, or as a gel by adding calcium chloride, and/or in combination with biomaterial.

Live Surgery with Same Day Immediate Loading by Dr Timo Paberit. Fully digital work ow in collaboration with dentist and onsite dental lab.


Registration Form

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    Registration for
    13.09.201914.09.201913.- 14.09.2019


    Includes coffee- and lunch breaks and Biometric evening event entry

    13th of Sept – Conference
    190€ until 30.06
    220€ until 31.07
    250€ from 01.08

    14th of Sept – Live Courses
    190€ until 30.06
    220€ until 31.07
    250€ from 01.08

    Conference & Live Courses
    350€ until 30.06
    390€ until 31.07
    450€ from 01.08

    Estonian VAT will be added to prices.

    Conference and Live Courses will provide educational points from Estonian Dental Association.

    Event Venue:

    13.09.2019 Conference
    Estonian Centre of Architecture
    BIG TRAFOROOM (The Gallery Hall) and joining Small Trafo Hall for coffee breaks and lunch
    Põhja puiestee 27a, 10415 Tallinn
    14.09.2019 Live Courses
    Kreutzwaldi Dental Clinic
    Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 3, Tallinn
    Additional information: or (+372) 5177473



    2002  Iloilo Doctors’ College of Dentistry


    • American Dental Association, Member
    • Philippine Dental Association, Member
    • Philippine Dental Association – Bacolod City
      Chapter,  President
    • Philippine Academy of Implant Dentistry, Member
    • International Association of Orthodontics, Member
    • International College of Oral Implantologist, Member
    • Asian Academy of Osseointegration, Member
    • Philippine Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Member

    Dr Paul Brian Mendez


    Periodontal, Oral Plastic and Implant Surgery

    | Work Experience

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    Mendez Multispecialty Dental Group


    • Global Academy of Osseointegration,
      Core Member
    • Asia Pacific Academy of Implant Dentistry,
    • Philippine College of Oral Implantologist,
    • International College for Continuing Dental
      Education, Fellow
    • Pierre Fauchard Academy, Fellow
    • Academy of Dentistry International
      (Australia Asian section), Fellow
    • Riverside Medical Center,
    • ENT Department, Medical Staff
    • South Bacolod General Hospital,
      Visiting Consultant
    • Bacolod Adventist Medical Center,
      Visiting Consultant
    • Bacolod Multi-Specialty Dental Center,
      Visiting Consultant
    • Global Academy of Osseointegration
      – Philippines, Lecturer and Trainor
    • Neobiotech Dental Implants,
      Key Opinion Leader
    • Acteon Philippines, Key Opinion Leader
    • Innobiosurge Implants, Consultant
    • B&B Dental Implants & Rhien83, Consultant


    Periodontal Surgery, Oral Plastic Surgery and Advance Oral Implantology
    – Abridged University of Michigan (under Dr. Hom Lay Wang)
    Perio-Plastic Surgery and Advance Implantology
    – Seoul National University & Hospital, South Korea
    The Ultimate Course for PRF Technique
    – Dr. Joseph Choukron
    Minimally Invasive Surgery Protocols
    – Prof. Dong-Seok Sohn
    Train the Trainors training for Acteon
    – Bangkok, Thailand
    Trainors Training for B&B Implants and Rhien83
    – Italy
    Global Academy of Osseointegration – World Training Course, South Korea Trainors Training Course for IBS IMPLANTS
    – IBS Academy, Daejon, South Korea
    CT Guided Implant Training
    – Asia Implant Institute, Cebu City
    Sinus Lift, Ridge Augmentation & Socket Preservation Techniques
    – National Dental Center, Singapore
    Bone and Soft Tissue Augmentation
    – National Dental Center, Singapore
    Post-Graduate Training in Implant Dentistry
    Asia Implant Institute, Singapore
    Post Graduate Training in Esthetic Dentistry
    – Phillippine Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Iloilo Doctor’s College of Dentistry
    Post-Graduate Training in Prosthodontic
    – Approach in Implant Dentistry
    – Fildental Training Center, Manila
    Guidelines for Buidling Facial Harmony And Stability – American Orthodontics, Quezon City (under Dr. Wick)
    Post-Graduate Training in Oral Surgery
    – Phil. Dental Enhancement &Training Center, Manila (under Dr.Aldecoa)
    Post-Graduate Training in Prosthodontics
    – Phil. Dental Enhancement &Training Center, Manila (under Dr. Concepcion)
    Post-Graduate Training in Orthodontics
    – Phil. Dental Enhancement &Training Center, Manila (under Dr. Concepcion)

    Dr Dimitris Exarchos


    Oral Surgery, Radiology and Implantology


    Dimitris Exarchos was born in Thessaloniki in 1976. Dimitris has graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1999 and since 2000 he practices as a dentist at his dental clinic in the heart of Thessaloniki city centre. In 2017 he opened his second clinic at Olympus Riviera in Platamon. From 2003 Dimitris also holds a Master in Oral Surgery, Radiology and Implantology from the same faculty where he also taught as a master student. He also invests in constant training and continuing education as he often participates in seminars, symposiums and courses related to Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry. His scientific activity extends to speeches, presentations and teaching colleagues in the field of implantology.

    Dr Jaroslaw Matuszak


    Oral Implantology


    In 1995 he graduated from The Faculty of Dentistry at The Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. In 2011 he was awarded from ICOI with the international certificate in oral implantology (Diplomate ICOI). He also took a part in prestigious Implant Prosthodontic Program provided by Mediterranean Prosthodontics Institute in collaboration with Department of Prosthodontics of UNC (University of North Carolina) School of Dentistry. Moreover, he is a member of Association of Dental Implantology (ADI).

    For many years, while attending numerous national as well as international training courses and workshops, he had the possibility to observe, listen and talk to recognised authorities who set the global trends in implantology. Taking part in such events is one of the main principles of his vision of the doctor’s profession, which should be based on constant development.

    Dr Kertu Ollema

    Periodontology, Implantology


    Kertu has graduated from Tartu University; Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry. She is currently specializing in restorative dentistry & periodontology – implantology in Tartu University.


    Estonian Dental Association, member

    | Work Experience

    2018 – … Merimetsa Dental Clinic
    2017 – … Kreutzwaldi Dental Clinic
    2005 – 2018 Viru Dental Clinic
    2008 – 2010 Mustamäe Dental Clinic
    2003 – 2005 Baltic Medical Partners Dental Clinic


    Post-Graduate Training in Periodontology “Specialist for Regeneration in Dental Implantology and Periodontology”
    – 1 year course in Germany

    Presentations & Publications

    2017 “Laser in Dentistry”, lecture & hands- on course
    2017 “Phases and stages of periodontic treatment”, Lecture Day in Periodontology

    Dr Timo Paberit

    Oral Surgery, Implantology


    Frankfurt University, Germany 2010, Curriculum in Oral Implantology
    Tartu University; Faculty of Medicine 1996-2001,MD;


    Estonian Dental Association, member

    Professional Presentations:

    2019 “Sinus Lift & Socke Shield techniques”, Tallinn
    2019 “Key factors to make successful implant surgery. Implant design and success factors”, Prishtina, Kosovo
    2019 “Key factors to make successful implant surgery. Implant design and success factors”, Manila, Philippines
    2018 “Advanced Implant Placement and Bone Crafting Progam: Live Surgery with Dr. Timo Paberit”, Tallinn
    2018 “Key factors to make successful implant surgery. Implant design and success factors”, Auckalnd, New-Zealand
    2018 “Key factors to make successful implant surgery”, 21st Visayas Area Convention, Bacolod, Philippines
    2018 “The first implant designed in Estonia. Advantages of CAD / CAM technology in everyday practice”, Estonian Annual Dental Meeting, Tartu
    2018 “Key factors to make successful implant surgery”, Thessaloniki, Greece
    2018 “Biometric Dental Implant Development and Practical Research by Dr. Timo Paberit”, IDEM Singapore
    2018 “Key factors to make successful implant surgery”, Sofia, Bulgaria
    2018 “Innovation in Implantology, Next Generation Prosthetics”, 1st Interdisciplinary Conference of Biometric Dentistry, Tallinn
    2018 “Clinical study on conceptual dental implant system Biometric”, Seminar in Phom Penh, Cambodia
    2016 “Bone augmentation and guided bone regeneration methods”, Odessa, Ukraina
    2016 “Treatment options for periimplantitis”, Estonian Annual Dental Meeting, Tallinn
    2016 “Key factors to make successful implant surgery. Implant design and success factors. Use of magnification and microscopes in implantology. Implant management, how to diagnose periimplantitis”, TT Dental seminar, Tallinn
    2016 “Implant course” Sofia, Bulgaria
    2016 “Key factors to make successful implant surgery” NeoBiotech Symposium, Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam
    2016 “Implant course” Auckland, New Zealand
    2015 “Immediate implantation after extraction-root guided surgery”, GAO annual meeting, Krakow, Poland
    2014 „Treatment options for periimplantitis“, Lecture Day in Periodontology, Tartu
    2014 „Simultaneous sinus-augmentation with SLA system, advantage of NBT IS II active CMI design and SCRP multi-unit abutments“, GAO core members meeting, Seoul, South-Korea

    Erkki Ernits


    CAD/CAM engineer


    Erkki has a Master’s degree from Tallinn University of Technology and has worked in the ICT field for more than 10 years. In recent years, he has completed several courses on mechanical engineering and computer-aided design.

    Erkki has helped to set up fully digital workflow for Kreutzwaldi Dental Lab in collaboration with Merimetsa Dental Clinic and Kreutzwaldi Dental Clinic and is working as a CAD/CAM lab engineer. His knowledge covers both lab hardware and software and finding solutions even for the most difficult cases.


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